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Well, are you ready to have a go at saying Llanfairpwllgwyngyllgogerychwyrndrobwyll-llantysiliogogogoch?

Go on, have a go!

To help you out we have broken the name into its various parts. Have a look at how each part of the name is pronounced. We've also given you some hints on how to say each part of the name. At the end we'll tell you what each part means. So, let's GO!!


LLAN : You pronounce this part just like the English word "plan", but, there is a twist. Have a listen to the recording and pay special attention to how the "LL" is pronounced. This sound is hard to explain and is more easily learnt by practicing the sound in the recording. For those of you who would like a description, here we go:

  • Place your tongue flat in your mouth.
  • Touch the bridge behind your front teeth firmly with the tip of your tongue.
  • Without moving the tip of your tongue try to touch your back teeth with the sides the tongue.
  • Breathe the air out of your lungs forcefully over the back of your tongue. This should cause a vibrating noise near your back teeth.
  • Keep your tongue in position and gently change its shape until you have more control over the sound.

Well, that's the "LL" sound! Have a listen to the recording again, and practice away until you get it!

FAIR : This part sounds like the English word "fire" but with a "v" sound instead of the "f",

PWLL : If you have practised your "LL" sound this part will be somewhat easier for you. The "PW" part is sounded the same as the "pu" part of the English word "put". The "LL" part is as explained above, just add it onto the end. Have a listen to the recording again, just to ensure you are on the right track!

GWYN : This part is pronounced in exactly the same way as the Welsh name "Gwyn". Pronounce the English word "win" and simply put the "g" in the front. Pronounce the "g" as in the word "gone". Hopefully, that part was fairly easy.

GYLL : Now this part is somewhat more difficult. Start out by pronouncing the english word "gill", you know, those things that fish have! After that change the pronunciation of the "ll" part of "gill" to our "LL" pronunciation of above. Listen to the recording again to make sure you have it correct.

GO : This bit looks fairly easy, doesn't it? Well, actually it is! Bet you thought you may have been doing tongue gymnastics once again. Sorry to disappoint, but simply pronounce this part just like you would pronounce the "go" part of the English word "gone".

GER : This is pronounced the same as the English word "care" but with the "c" changed into a "g".

YCH : Just the same as the pronunciation of "LL", this part is also somewht tricky! Say the English word "yuck", you know, when you see or taste something you dont like. Drop the "y" off the beginning of the word to leave "uck" part. Change the "ck" part to "ch" as it is pronounced in the Scottish word "loch". To make sure you have got it, listen to the recording again.

WYRN : This part looks more difficult than it is in reality. Say the English word "win", and you have it! Simple!

DROB : Say the English word "draw" and add a "b" onto the end of it. Now that was easy! Wasn't it?

WYLL : Thank goodness you will be saying, as you have already learnt this part. Pronounce it exactly the same as the "PWLL" part above, but simply drop off the "P".

- : This is very easy, simply forget its there!

LLAN : Exactly the same as the "LLAN" at the start of the word.

TY : Pronounce this part the same as the "t" in the English word "twig".

SILIO : Prononuce this part "silly-o", with the "o" as in the English word "cot".

GO : Exactly the same as the "GO" we learnt earlier.

GO : And again, the same as we learnt earlier. Getting easy isn't it?

GOCH : Well, we are almost there! Pronounce "GO" as you learnt above and put "ch" after it.

Well done! You have made it through. Just put it all together and practice away!

Now you have gotten this far, would you like to know what each of those parts mean? You may have noticed the full meaning on the home page, but now let us have a closer look! Click Here to find out!

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